Your gift to the Johns Hopkins School of Education can be designated to help support the ongoing work you care about most, including the following initiatives:

Jeffrey Grigg

Given each year to a PhD student who demonstrates excellence in Baltimore-focused research, this award includes support for the recipient’s research and for a visiting speaker. Gifts also may be made payable by check to Johns Hopkins University, with Grigg Memorial Award in the memo line. Send to: School of Education, 2800 North Charles Street, Ste. 300, Baltimore, MD 21218. 


Designate your gift to the Alumni Annual Scholarship Fund and help give future leaders in the field access to School of Education programs.

Your gift will support the new Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools. The center takes on the complex, urgent issue of school safety with comprehensive, evidence-based solutions focused on student well-being, safety and learning success.

EdD candidates at a recent residency


Whether helping make our schools safer and more resilient or jump-starting new modes of counselor and teacher training, your gift to the Dean’s Innovation Fund can be a critical spark for bringing the best ideas in education to light.

Your gift to Henderson-Hopkins provides essential resources and support for the continued operation of the Johns Hopkins School of Education’s flagship partnership school.

The educators, researchers, practitioners, and experts at the IDEALS Institute work to improve lives the by improving the operations of large systems. Your gift will support their efforts to ensure that everyone has lifelong access to high-quality care and education.

千亿体育官网Designate your gift to MEHP and support a new generation of health professionals to serve as effective educational leaders and researchers for schools and training programs related to medicine, public health, nursing and other health professions.

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